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The Urban Lab offers a fresh and unique approach to the work that we provide. Your success is our success. Your growth, goals and online reputation enhances ours.

At The Urban Lab, our team believe in getting to know our clients and the way in which they operate from the very start. We will ensure the representation of your business online and on social media matches your requirements. We bring youth, new ideas, technological innovations and flawless performance to ensure maximum results. Social media is about listening and observing. We listen to our clients, we research their consumers, learn about their niche and design digital marketing strategies that create a stronger online presence and reputation for our clients brand.

Consistently monitoring the engagement and interactions making us able to identify and focus on the strengths your brand has to offer. Going above and beyond for each of our clients with dedicated support ensuring our clients needs are always seen to!


Mohamed Karani (Bcom) (Hons) (Wits)

Ziyaad Ballim (BSc – Computer Science) (Hons) (Wits)


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